Steven Banvard & Sara Friar

Sara Friar, 32, is a freelance filmmaker. Steven Banvard, 30, works in computer systems administration. The couple live in Silver Spring.

Wedding date: April 23

Location: National Press Club

Steven Banvard and Sara Friar on their wedding day. (Eli Turner)

Guests: 105

How they met: On the first day of classes at University of Maryland Baltimore County, in the fall of 1999, Sara sat next to fellow sophomore Steve in an arts survey course. They became friends and collaborated on a class project. Steve waited the entire semester before asking Sara out because she was dating someone else. When he heard she was no longer involved, he invited her to the opening night screening — he worked at the local movie theater — of Wes Carven’s “Scream 3.”

The proposal: On Dec. 31, 2010, the couple went to New York for the weekend. On New Year’s Day, they visited the Guggenheim, strolled through Central Park and ended the evening on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. It was there, nervously down on one knee, that Steve popped the question.

The wedding: An environmentalist and vegan, Sara scheduled the wedding for Earth Day weekend and requested that their wedding planner create a low-impact, low-carbon imprint occasion. The National Press Club prepared a vegan menu, and 10 long farm tables were laid with centerpieces consisting of organic vegetables and fruit. Sara’s first cousin, a federal judge in the District, officiated, and one of Sara’s bridesmaids read the Shakespeare sonnet “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Before Sara and Steve cut the Sticky Fingers Bakery cake, they thanked their family and friends for being there.

The honeymoon: Sara loves surprises, and Steve gave her one. She didn’t know the destination of their honeymoon until they arrived at the airport — to go to Paris. They spent a week there, staying at a family-owned vegan bed and breakfast.

— Janet Bennett Kelly