It began with fist-pumping and shots of vodka and ended with a posse of gangly dudes wrestling in Speedos. Loyal fans of “Jersey Shore” might call this sequence of events predictable. Others might call it puzzling. It was both.

“It” was Thursday night’s sold-out show from dance-pop duo LMFAO at the Fillmore Silver Spring. Determined to make a splash, the acronymic ambassadors of “party rock” stormed the confetti-covered stage in a flurry of synchronized shuffling (their signature dance move), keg party acrobatics (think beer funneling on a friend’s shoulders, with vodka) and robotic, erotic choreography.

In tow was an entourage of fellow party rockers, including a drummer, electric guitarist, slick-haired DJ, several dancers (a generous term) and a life-size inflatable zebra that was quickly loosed into the crowd.

Okay. Splash made.

But Redfoo (Stefan Gordy, 36) and SkyBlu (Skyler Gordy, 25), an uncle-nephew pairing, like to party. And they want everyone to know just how hard they like to party, so the show tore on.

During “Put That A** to Work,” a dancer in retro workout attire played suggestively with a Shake Weight, the notoriously phallic infomercial product. For “I’m in Miami B****,” Redfoo strutted about in a cheesy Hawaiian shirt, sipping from a lime green Solo cup while a dancer rode an inflatable palm tree like a pony behind him.

Meanwhile, Redfoo and SkyBlu sneaked in several costume changes. Between bedazzled sneakers, disco-ball-inspired vests and blinding bling, their wardrobe had enough rhinestones to make Liberace jealous.

There was even pause for some cheeky banter when Redfoo told SkyBlu that he thought the ladies in the crowd were “eyeing his package like they were FedEx.” The joke quickly dissolved into a raunchy punch line.

But it’s funny, right? All this tacky, outrageous monkey business is a calculated and hilarious act?

Outrageous, sure. Funny, eh. Littering the 75-minute set were nagging moments in which it felt like they were trying a little too hard. Consider the finale: During “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” SkyBlu took the stage in a white bathrobe with “LMFAO” scrawled in blue glitter across the back. As the chorus rung in, he shoved his partner (busy funneling Redbull in his underwear) to the side and tore open the robe to reveal a costume, of sorts. Attached to the front of SkyBlu’s tiny Speedo was the face of an elephant, complete with a generous foam trunk that unraveled all the way to the floor.

It’s these moments that make their shtick feel slightly desperate, inclined to draw more eye rolls than fist pumps. But the crowd seemed to buy it. One look at the neon mass of 20-somethings — shuffling in the group’s own tank tops and temporary tattoos — and it’s clear that LMFAO is party rocking all the way to the bank.