If you’ve heard about the upcoming wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, you might think that the idea of princes and princesses is sweet.

Pez, the candymaker, agrees with you. The company, whose candy dispensers are known all over the world, has created a special pair that look like the prince and his soon-to-be princess in honor of their April 29 wedding.

But you can’t buy the Kate and William Pez set at a store. Instead, fans of the royal couple — or of Pez figurines — can submit offers on the eBay for Charity Web site from April 7 to 17. Proceeds will go to a cause supported by the couple, the company said this week.

Pez makes around 4.6 billion pieces of candy and 80 million dispensers a year, but unlike some other models, the William and Kate figurines will not dispense sweets through their mouths.

“The whole head bends back,” a company spokeswoman said.