Post Hunt 2012 featured a gigantic pile of doggie doo.

Post Hunt 2013 featured a gigantic naked butt.

Only Gene, Tom and Dave know what Post Hunt 2014 will feature, but we suspect it’ll be gigantic — like the fun that participants will have.

The seventh Post Hunt, sponsored by The Washington Post Magazine, will be held Sunday, June 1. If you are the sort of person who’s amused by steaming faux doggie doo and naked butts, come! If you are the sort of person who’s not amused, come anyway — you can complain in person to Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder, the three sadists who invent the brainteasers every year.

In case you are new on the planet, here’s how the Post Hunt works: At noon sharp on June 1, thousands will converge on Freedom Plaza in downtown Washington with that day’s Post Magazine. They get instructions from the three sadists and the Magazine, then set off on a hilarious three-hour race to solve a string of brainteasers set up within walking distance. Finding the brainteasers is easy — who could miss a big butt? Solving the puzzles, not easy. But fun.

At least until you get to the End Game. That’s “Game of Thrones”-level torture.

You can find videos that explain last year’s Hunt puzzles at

Come on out. There’s no admission. You’ll have a day to remember, and you could win $2,000. Just watch where you step.