The forecast for Thursday: cold and rainy. The forecaster: the heir to the British monarchy.

Prince Charles has become a viral sensation as viewers from across the globe have tuned in to watch his forecast for a gloomy day in Scotland, delivered while he and his wife, Camilla, were visiting a BBC station in Glasgow to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Though his royal highness at first appeared to be a bit flummoxed by the clicker that controlled the screen behind him, he quickly recovered and delivered the forecast like a pro, even inserting a few joking ad-libs.

“Potential for a few flurries over Balmoral — who the hell wrote this script?” Charles asked, to laughter in the studio about the report for one of the royal residences. He completed the bleak weather outlook with the quip, “Thank God it isn’t a bank holiday.”

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also took her turn in front of the weather map, but it didn’t go as smoothly as her husband’s. She was stymied by problems with a crackling microphone aggravated by her fidgeting hands. While the prince came across as relaxed and jovial, his duchess looked stiff and uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Britain's Prince Charles presents a special weather forecast during a visit to BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland (POOL/REUTERS)

Viewers around the United Kingdom. and across the globe took the BBC video clip viral, delighting in a rare glimpse of the royals speaking somewhat off the cuff.

“Charles was an undoubted hit,” Michael Hogan said in a review for the Telegraph. “Engaging, avuncular and natural in front of the camera. His cold front melted to produce a warm wave of affection across the UK.”

The Daily Mail quipped: “One day he will reign over us. Today he just predicted it.”