We recently asked Deal Hunter readers for pointers on yard sales, and some savvy bargain-hunters were quick to provide their tips. We excerpt some of their best advice:

●“Pick a specific geography on Friday night and formulate a route by searching Craigslist and [Washington Post] classifieds. You can . . . search homeowners’ association Web sites,” says Kate Schwarz of Fairfax. If you can’t take an item right away, arrange for pick-up later or offer the seller extra cash to deliver it.

●Two readers — Jeff Carver of Alexandria and Kirsten Gardner of Chevy Chase — noted an important final step: After the sale is over, be sure to take down the neighborhood signs advertising your sale. Your neighbors (and the planet) will thank you.

●“I suggest a further hint: Make sure to include the street address in classified ads. (They don’t always do it, especially in the country.) It doesn’t hurt to include Zip code,” says Joe McElhone of Louisa, Va.