Kate didn’t have a baby Charlotte after all. But Pippa did.

Philippa and Luke Olsen of Alexandria welcomed their daughter Charlotte Evelyn Olsen at 8:09 a.m. The new arrival shares a birthday, of course, with the heir to the British throne, who arrived three hours later in London. Philippa, who, like the royal aunt Philippa Middleton, also goes by Pippa, wasn’t due for three weeks. But her water broke late Sunday night and she headed to Inova Fairfax Hospital, just a few hours before the Duchess of Cambridge made her way to St. Mary’s in London.

“After we settled into the labor room we saw on the TV the breaking news about Kate going into labor,” Pippa said. “My family is from England and we have been following all that pretty closely. It is pretty cool they ended up being so close, because she was late and ours was early.”

Virginia-born baby Charlotte will also have citizenship in Britain, her parents said, and will visit cousins and family in England as she grows up.

“It reinforces the connection that I have to England,” the new mother said.

Phillipa Olsen holds daughter, Charlotte, who was born at Inova Fairfax Hospital on the same day as the new royal baby, July 22, 2013. (Courtesy of Luke Olsen)

A few hours before the heir to the throne arrived in London, Jordan Raynald Camper, whom his parents are calling their “Royal King Jordan,” made his appearance at Sibley Memorial Hospital. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces — close to royal size — but was speedier than the royal baby, his mother, Joy Kane, said. She went into labor at 6 a.m., made it to the hospital around 9:15 a.m and Jordan, her second child, was born within half an hour of her arrival.

When Kane found out her due date was around the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge’s, she said her family and friends started to make predictions about who would go first.

“My fiancé’s grandma said ‘I think you guys are gonna be neck and neck,’ and I said, ‘As long as I get my epidural first!’ But I ended up not even getting an epidural. . . . I just went cold turkey,” Kane said.

To commemorate the royal baby’s birth, every baby born in the UK on Monday will receive a special commemorative coin. To mark their son’s birth, Kane said her fiancé, Aaron Camper, made a present himself.

“He has already made a stained glass sculpture of two hands making a heart with his name, waiting for the date, time and his weight,” Kane said.

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s first child means a reworking of who is next in line for the British throne.

It will be inscribed with a date fit for a prince: July 22, 2013.