Maybe they just didn’t want the rest of us to feel left out, but guests at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night posted pictures online of seemingly everyone they saw and talked to, The Reliable Source reports:

Even for those attending the dinner, much of the focus seemed to be on recording the night — photographing the stars, Facebooking the highlights — rather than, you know, being there. (“If any of you are live-tweeting this event, ” joked the night’s entertainer, Conan O’Brien, “please use the hashtag #incapableoflivinginthemoment.”)

Celebrities like Fred Armisen and MC Hammer stopped to talk with The Washington Post’s Brook Silva-Braga at the 2013 White House correspondents’ dinner on Saturday. (Nicki DeMarco, Jayne Orenstein and Brook Silva-Braga/The Washington Post)

View the above gallery for some images of the weekends’ festivities via Instagram. Attendees’ eagerness extended to the many parties and receptions associated with the dinner. On Friday night, Foreign Affairs, the Atlantic and Time and People threw parties, as did Impact Arts + Film Fund and Funny or Die. The Reliable Source reported on a gathering in a garden in Georgetown on Saturday. MSNBC’s event was Saturday night after the dinner, and so was the party Vanity Fair hosted with Bloomberg.

In a “House of Cards”spoof showing all the preparation that goes into the White House correspondents’ dinner every year, Kevin Spacey appeared in a video with Sen. John McCain, Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney, and others. (The Washington Post)

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