Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. The winter snows have melted away. This morning, I saw a robin hopping across my lawn. The days are getting warmer and longer. Remember to change your clocks this weekend. It’s “spring forward” time.

Those aren’t the only signs of spring. Here are some more signs — sports signs — that spring is on its way.

The newspaper is filled with pictures of baseball players at spring training, in the bright sunshine of Florida and Arizona. In March, every team, even the Nationals and the Orioles, dreams of having a great season.

Kids grab their baseball gloves and bats from the closet and start warming up their muscles.

Lots of kids are getting out their lacrosse gloves, sticks and balls, too. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

I hear the thump-thump of basketballs against the blacktop and the clang of balls against the metal backboards. Hoops has moved out of the gym and onto the playgrounds.

Kids on skateboards appear, as if by magic, on the streets and in the schoolyards.

March Madness! Time to fill out your brackets and try to pick the team that will win the Big Dance.

The Redskins sign another free agent and promise that the next season will be different.

The Capitals get ready for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Washington Wizards get ready for the NBA draft lottery … again.

I play golf, so I start practicing my putting on my den rug.

The Masters. I know some kids think watching golf on TV is boring, but I love the Masters. Augusta National, with all its flowers and blooming azaleas, is beautiful.

Folks put away their wool hats and get out their baseball caps.

Kids play games of catch after dinner — if they have finished their homework. They toss baseballs, lacrosse balls, Frisbees back and forth in the fading evening light.