Stacey Aronson & David Rubin

Stacey Aronson, 27, and David Rubin, 32, work for the Department of Justice. They live in Fairfax.

Wedding date: Oct. 13, 2012

Location: Ritz-Carlton, Arlington

Guests: 150

How they met: In late March 2010, Aronson and a friend were having drinks at Paolo’s when a “cute guy” told Aronson he couldn’t help noticing her and left his name and number on a cocktail napkin. She called him an hour later but declined his invitation to meet at a bar. When Rubin called the next night to invite her to dinner, they connected over their New York roots, mutual acquaintances and being only children.

Stacey Aronson married David Rubin at the Ritz Carlton in Arlington on Oct. 13, 2012. (Juan Carlos Briceno/Juan Carlos Briceno)

The proposal: They had shopped for rings, so Aronson thought a proposal was forthcoming; she just didn’t realize that Rubin was doing his best to throw her off the scent. He told her he had planned an Ocean City weekend in July 2011 but instead took her to Charlottesville wine country. Aronson was thrilled by the surprise, and as they walked to the vineyard near their B&B, she told him how perfect the weekend would be. Rubin bent to one knee and said the only thing that would make things more perfect is if she would marry him.

The wedding: The couple got cocktail napkins courtesy of Paolo’s, made a video of how they met and had Rubin’s favorite spumoni ice cream driven in from Brooklyn for dessert. For favors, they chose New York’s iconic black-and-white cookies and Greek coffee shop paper cups. On the table where departing guests picked up their goodie bags read a sign: “Leaving without a treat? Forget about it.”

The honeymoon: They vacationed in the Hawaiian islands of Maui and Kauai, where they snorkeled, took a helicopter tour and ziplined over the rain forest.