A Small Act — Years after a Kenyan’s life is transformed by a scholarship, he starts a program to fund other youngsters’ educations. (6 p.m., Hirshhorn Museum)

Afghan Star — When Britain’s “Pop Idol” is first adapted to Afghan TV, four contestants risk their lives singing publicly, an activity once banned by the Taliban. (6:30 p.m., S. Dillon Ripley Center)

Amreeka — A divorced Palestinian woman and her teenage son struggle to adapt to life in rural Illinois. (6:30 p.m, National Museum of American History)

Boy — Two young New Zealanders try to reconcile their fantasies of their absent father with the real man who returns after years. (6:15 p.m, National Museum of the American Indian)

Freedom Riders — A documentary on civil rights activists who traveled to the South in 1961 to confront segregation. (6 p.m., National Archives)

La Mission — In San Francisco’s Mission District, a Latino finds it hard to accept his teenage son’s homosexuality. (6 p.m., Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Last Train Home — Framed by the massive urban-to-rural migration that occurs annually for Chinese New Year’s, this documentary follows a family pulled apart by the parents’ decision to take factory jobs far from their village. (6:30 p.m., S. Dillon Ripley Center)

Son of Babylon — After the fall of Saddam Hussein, a Kurdish boy and his grandmother search Iraq for his missing father. (6:30 p.m, National Gallery of Art)

Udaan — Expelled from boarding school, a young Indian returns home to become a poet. But his father expects him to work in the family factory. (6 p.m, Freer Gallery of Art)

Winter’s Bone — An Ozarks teenager battles a culture of silence as she seeks her missing father. (6:30 p.m., National Museum of Natural History)