The 47th annual Folklife Festival returns to the Mall with a full schedule of concerts, demonstrations, workshops and food. This year, the free celebration features Hungarian heritage, endangered languages and cultures around the world and African American diversity, style and identity. For more information, call 202-633-6440 or visit

11 a.m.: Opening ceremony on the Danubia stage


Dance Barn

Noon: Beginner dance instruction

1 p.m.: Advanced dance instruction

2 p.m.: Singalong

3 p.m.: Advanced dance instruction

4 p.m.: Beginner dance instruction

5 p.m.: Singalong

8 p.m.: Evening concert: Dance House with Heveder and Tukros


Noon: Hungarian medley

1 p.m.: Tukros Band: Tunes from Hungary

2 p.m.: Fashion and tradition: Kalotaszeg

3 p.m.: Multiethnic traditions in Szatmar

4 p.m.: Artists of the Peacock talent show

5 p.m.: Fashion and tradition: Kalocsa

6 p.m.: Evening concert: Szalonna and his band, with Andrea Navratil and Roma Fiddlers, Centuries of Hungarian Dance

Heritage House

Noon: Crafts traditions

12:30 p.m.: Flute and bagpipe

1:15 p.m.: Dance traditions: Circle dances

2 p.m.: Hungarian heritage

2:45 p.m.: Language, culture and identity

3:30 p.m.: Local heritage: Gyimes

4:15 p.m.: Family traditions: Kalotaszeg

5 p.m.: Crafts traditions

Hungarian Kitchen

Noon: Shepherds of Karcag

12:30 p.m.: Bacska cuisine

1:15 p.m.: Fresh from the oven

2 p.m.: Shepherds of Karcag

2:45 p.m.: Bacska cuisine

3:30 p.m.: Shepherds of Karcag

4:15 p.m.: Transylvanian flavors

5 p.m.: Drinks for the table

Voices of the World

Noon: Hawaiian chant

12:30 p.m.: An-sky Yiddish heritage ensemble

1:15 p.m.: Kalmyk and Tuvan music and dance from Russia

2 p.m.: Los Masis: Quechua music from Bolivia

2:45 p.m.: Welsh poetry and song

3:30 p.m.: Garifuna drumming and dance

4:15 p.m.: Hawaiian music and dance

5 p.m.: Ri Palenge: Music and dance from Colombia

6 p.m.: Evening concert: The Will to Adorn presents In Process and the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble.

Song and Story Circle

Noon: Songs

12:30 p.m.: Poetry

1:15 p.m.: Verbal arts

2 p.m.: Music

2:45 p.m.: Dance

3:30 p.m.: Stories

4:15 p.m.: Try a language

5 p.m.: Celebrations

Talk Story

Noon: Language and identity

12:30 p.m.: Why language matters

1:15 p.m.: Language stories

2 p.m.: Language and knowledge

2:45 p.m.: Ceremonies and celebrations

3:30 p.m.: Adaptation and change

4:15 p.m.: Teaching and learning

5 p.m.: Words and worldview


Rock the Runway

Noon: On the Runway: Church Hats

1 p.m.: Language of dress

2 p.m.: On the Runway: Diaspora Inspiration

3 p.m.: Youth research in communities

4 p.m.: Fashioning identity

5 p.m.: Rock the Runway