Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, here speaking to City Council members about allegations against him in November, will join a Washington area station to talk football. (Nathan Denette/AP)

Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor, Rob Ford, apparently has some time on his hands. And he’s planning to spend some of it by talking sports on a Washington area radio station.

Ford will join FM sports-talk station WJFK (known as 106.7 The Fan) on Thursday, where the “avid sports fan” will give his National Football League picks, the station said Wednesday.

His first segment is at 8:40 a.m. Thursday on the station’s “Sports Junkies” program, although the station, taking no chances, said he is “tentatively scheduled” to phone in.

Ford was stripped of most of his executive powers by the Toronto City Council last month after he admitted that he had smoked crack cocaine in “a drunken stupor” a year earlier. The Toronto Star also posted a video from an unknown person in which Ford apparently fantasizes about killing an unidentified adversary.

The radio gig is in addition to a reality TV show called “Ford Nation” on Canada’s Sun News Network that Ford is starring in with his brother, Doug, a Toronto City Council member. The brothers also had a radio talk show until last month.

Ford retained his mayoral title but lost most of his staff and budget after the council’s action, which came after an escalating series of indiscretions on the mayor’s part, including knocking over a female council member.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Ford’s segment would be weekly. This version has been updated.