The documentary “Which Way Is the Front Line From Here?: The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington” (HBO at 8) looks back at photographer Tim Hetherington, who was killed by mortar fire in Libya in 2011. The film’s director, Sebastian Junger, was a close friend of Hetherington — the pair co-directed Oscar-nominated documentary “Restrepo,” about the war in Afghanistan.

Even vampires have prom drama — Caroline is furious when Elena’s outburst ruins her perfect prom plans on “The Vampire Diaries” (CW at 8) and seeks Klaus’s help.

Annie wants an A in class, so she invites a professor to Jeff’s holiday party on “Community” (NBC at 8); unfortunately, the gang finds out the teacher is planning to give them all bad grades.

Think it over before you get a tattoo, people: Do you want this image to be on your skin when you get married? A future bride seeks help with ink removal on “America’s Worst Tattoos” (TLC at 9) before her big day.

The theme of this year’s Regionals singing competition is “dreams,” so the New Directions prepare accordingly on “Glee” (Fox at 9); meanwhile, Rachel auditions for a Broadway play.

Get ready for a double dose of “Parks and Recreation” (NBC at 9, 9:30). First, Leslie decides to get rid of laws that don’t make sense (and in Pawnee, that list is long); later, Tom has a crisis over Jerry’s plans to retire.

FINALE WATCH: Two new Comedy Central shows wrap up Season 1, as sketch series “The Ben Show With Ben Hoffman” (at 10) ends with a guest appearance from Norm MacDonald. “Nathan For You” (at 10:30), in which a comedian helps struggling businesses, tries to assist a private investigator and a taxi company.

A racecar driver is ready to throw in the towel on “The Moment” (USA at 10), but realizes could score a gig as a NASCAR driver after all when he meets with professional driver Brendan Gaughan.

Ami makes it clear on “NY Ink” (TLC at 10) that newbie Lee is not ready to tattoo customers yet, but Tommy gives him orders to do otherwise while Ami is away.

— Emily Yahr