FINALE WATCH: “American Idol” (Fox at 8 p.m.) Status: Renewed. The most important thing to remember on “Idol” finale night is this: The show runs long by about seven minutes, so adjust your DVR accordingly, or you could miss the winner — Candice Glover or Kree Harrison will be named champion. Oh, and before the winner is crowned, look for an appearance from former judge Jennifer Lopez.

FINALE WATCH: “The Vampire Diaries” (CW at 8) Status: Renewed. It’s graduation day in Mystic Falls as the series wraps up Season 4, but instead of happiness and celebration dinners, the town is filled with evil ghosts trying to settle old scores.

FINALE WATCH: “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS at 8) Status: Renewed. Leonard accomplishes a huge success on the Season 6 finale, which results in strange reactions from both Penny and Sheldon (well, mostly just seething jealousy on Sheldon’s part).

FINALE WATCH: “The Office”(NBC at 9) Status: Over. After nine seasons of wildly uncomfortable antics at a paper company in Scranton, Pa., the comedy comes to an end. Hank Stuever reviews the show on Page C1. Before the conclusion, at 8, the network offers an hour-long retrospective, featuring interviews with producers and actors.

FINALE WATCH: “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC at 9) Status: Not renewed but will be. As is tradition for “Grey’s” finale, Season 9 ends with a crisis, as a huge storm means a flood of patients in the packed hospital, where one doctor’s life is in peril.

FINALE WATCH: “Beauty & the Beast” (CW at 9) Status: Renewed. Seems like this show has mostly gotten buzz about the “beast” being stunningly handsome — except for a small scar on his cheek. Regardless, the freshman drama ends as secrets about Cat’s family are finally revealed, and no one is more shocked than Cat.

FINALE WATCH: “Elementary” (CBS at 9) Status: Renewed. This Sherlock Holmes update managed to please enough fans of the original to gain another season, and in the two-hour first-season finale, we get more details about Holmes’s life through a series of flashbacks that show his downfall. Plus: Natalie Dormer guest-stars as the iconic Irene Adler, Holmes’s former love.

FINALE WATCH: “Scandal” (ABC at 10) Status: Not renewed but will be. This drama, which started its first season with seven episodes, morphed into a huge hit for ABC and will return. Meanwhile, Olivia and the gladiators are in a lot of danger as they grow closer to identifying the mole in the administration.

— Emily Yahr