Jamie Luner, left, and Art Hindle star as “Jessica Slade” and “Ralph Mickelson” in The Perfect Boss, airing Friday, May 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on LMN. (Albert Camicioli/©2012 – Reel One Films 2 Inc. and Capital Productions 7 (SV) Inc.)

Lifetime declares that the star of original movie “The Perfect Boss” (Lifetime at 8 p.m.), actress Jamie Luner, has become “Queen of the TV Movie” over the past few years, starring in seven Lifetime films. We’re not sure how Luner would feel about that title, but regardless, she stars as an evil pharmaceutical rep who turns to murder when she needs a drug to go public. But the tables turn when the daughter of the guy she has killed starts to investigate.

Science show “Brain Games” is doing so well for National Geographic that Fox has decided it wants to join in the fun (both channels are owned by News Corp.). Anyway, one-hour special “Brain Games: Blow Your Mind” (Fox at 9) showcases a series of games and experiments to look at the human brain’s relationship to time and motion.

Documentary “Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings” (WETA at 9:30) profiles the native Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso as he performs around the world during a musical season and follows him home to Hawaii, where he’s gone from local hero to international superstar.

Don’t watch “E! News Special: A-List Listing” (E! at 9:30) unless you want to start feeling bad about your living situation, because the 30-minute special looks at the most outrageously expensive homes in Southern California.

A married couple who own a New Orleans cafe can’t figure out why their eatery is failing, but the team on “Mystery Diners” (Food at 10) targets the root of the problem pretty quickly, finding that most of the staffers — friends of the owners — are completely unqualified.

Jake Shimabukuro visits with children in his old neighborhood in Hawaii. (Jim Choi/PBS)

It’s the first of the two-part season finale of “Merlin” (Syfy at 10), which wraps up for good next week.

Missed some of the terrifying creatures on “River Monsters”? In an “enhanced” episode, “River Monsters: Unhooked” (Animal Planet at 10) looks at some of the scariest animals that live in U.S. rivers, including waterways in Florida and Texas.

A hotel owner in Wyoming asks Amy and Steve for help on “The Dead Files” (Travel at 10) when she thinks ghosts are frightening her employees, because apparently no one wants to show up at a haunted workplace.

Emily Yahr