FINALE WATCH: The third-season finale of “Mike & Molly” (CBS at 8:30 p.m.) was supposed to air two weeks ago, but since the story line features a tornado, the network decided to postpone the episode out of sensitivity to the Oklahoma tornadoes that devastated the region. In any case, the network is airing it now, as a storm prevents Mike and Molly from reaching each other to share important news.

SERIES PREMIERE: While most people return from going out to dinner to a house even more messy than they remembered, the lucky families on “Renovation Raiders” (HGTV at 9) get a nice surprise — while they were gone, licensed contractor Amy Matthews sneaks in and pulls off a major remodel in four hours or less.

A limo driver is killed on “Motive” (ABC at 9), and the detectives think the case is tied to a woman who tends to murder her lovers if she’s not happy.

RETURNING SHOW: New episodes of “The Brokaw Files” (Military Channel at 10) return with Tom Brokaw looking back on famous historical events, starting with his 2002 report on the USS John C. Stennis, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that went on a mission to Afghanistan.

RETURNING SHOW: Troubled teens are back on Season 4 of “Beyond Scared Straight” (A&E at 10), which attempts to show kids what will happen if they go down the wrong road in the future; the premiere features four girls who must visit a prison in New York.

Andy and Swarek team up to investigate a bank robbery on “Rookie Blue” (ABC at 10), while Nick and Gail help a woman in trouble.

FBI investigator Will starts losing the trust of his team when he contaminates a crime scene on “Hannibal” (NBC at 10).

— Emily Yahr