On the second season premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” (ABC at 8 p.m.), Oliver gets off to a rocky start when he attempts to take his program to the Los Angeles Unified School District, only to find out that the district wants nothing to do with him. Not to be deterred by a door slamming in his face, the chef decides to try to win over the parents and teachers through various methods, including creating healthy options at a local fast-food restaurant.

ESPN’s “The Year of the Quarterback” series features an hour-long documentary about the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady called “The Brady 6” (ESPN at 8), and talks to Brady, who gets very emotional about his anxiety-filled NFL draft selection in 2000.

Another pair is voted off “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC at 9), and actress and former “American Idol” contestant Jennifer Hudson performs.

The world of high school football is investigated on “Frontline: Football High” (MPT at 9, WETA at 10), which looks at how some school football programs are in the national spotlight and how that can affect student-athletes.

Singer Toni Braxton is the latest entertainer to land a reality show, and in “Braxton Family Values” (WE tv at 9) the singer chronicles her life with four sisters, which includes lots of drama. In the series opener, she tries to get her siblings to lend a hand when she has a performance scheduled in Bermuda.

Oh, wait. Speaking of celebs trying to make a comeback through reality TV, “Sinbad: It’s Just Family” (WE tv at 10) follows the comedian as he tries to revive his career and relationships with his family members — not necessarily in that order.

And in case you haven’t gotten your fill of family, there’s more: “Toya: A Family Affair” (BET at 10), documenting the daily life of rapper Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, Toya, as she tries to help her troubled relatives.

“Sports Show With Norm Macdonald” (Comedy Central at 10:30) kicks off as the comedian shares his take on the sports world, with topics including the Masters golf tournament and former Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds.

Actress Kristen Bell is a guest on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC at 11:35), along with “Pawn Stars” cast member Austin “Chumlee” Russell and country singer Sara Evans.

“Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS at 11:35) hosts actor Ricky Gervais, author/environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg and a performance by the Foo Fighters.

Emily Yahr