No, your eyes weren’t deceiving you — there was one fewer “Law & Order” the past few months. But it’s back, as a revamped “Law & Order: L.A.” (NBC at 9 p.m.) returns with a two-hour episode. First, detectives investigate a quinceanera celebration that winds up in violence. Later, the team tries to help a devastated man whose wife and son are killed by a home intruder.

Thirteen reappears on “House” (Fox at 8). Why? Because it’s the 150th episode! But also because she has been in prison for the past six months, and House is determined to find out what caused her disappearance and incarceration.

“Chuck” (NBC at 8) is shocked to learn that the CIA wants Vivian assassinated, so he teams up with a scary ally to try to save her life.

We know that Ted and Zoey’s relationship is pretty much doomed on “How I Met Your Mother” (CBS at 8), and the unraveling starts when they have very different views on the classic building that Ted needs to destroy for his job.

Caleb and Jarek power through a Midwest heat wave on “The Chicago Code” (Fox at 9) to help with a case involving a son who saw his father killed.

The documentary “American Experience: The Great Famine” (WETA at 9, MPT at 10) examines the role of the United States and Herbert Hoover in helping famine relief efforts in Soviet Russia in the 1920s. It is previewed by Hank Stuever on Page C1.

“Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton” (WETA at 10), in which filmmaker Michael Pack and writer Richard Brookhiser chronicle the life of Hamilton, is also previewed by Stuever on Page C1.

“Love That Girl!” (TV One at 9) begins a two-part finale (which wraps up next week) with guest star and series executive producer Martin Lawrence playing Tyana’s annoying Uncle Gerald, who becomes a most unwelcome houseguest when he needs a place to stay during her “staycation.”

The Gosselins (minus Jon) come back to TLC for a night on “Kate Plus 8” (TLC at 10) as Kate takes her kids to the Australia Zoo.

Actor-singer Jamie Foxx is a guest on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC at 11:35), along with “World’s Greatest Extra” Jesse Heiman and musical guests k.d. lang and the Siss Boom Bang.

“Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS at 11:35) hosts actor Alec Baldwin and rapper Wiz Khalifa.

— Emily Yahr