Michael can’t figure out a woman’s diagnosis when lesions are found on her brain, but decides to operate anyway on “A Gifted Man” (CBS at 8); and in the midst of everything, he deals with a man who needs medical attention, but doesn’t have health insurance.

WETA tries to help viewers score points with people in their life who have already seen all the regular Washington tourist spots on one-hour special “More Unusual Attractions — The WETA Guide” (at 9), as the follow-up to the 2007 production looks at 18 more local places to visit. Included: Boy Scout Memorial, Dinosaur Land, Acorn Gazebo, President Lincoln’s Cottage and the Titanic Memorial.

Todd Wilbur considers himself a “food hacker,” also known as someone who tries to recreate famous American dishes on “Top Secret Recipe” (CMT at 9). Just one question, Todd — do you really think you can create something as beloved and iconic as Colonel Sanders’ chicken recipe at KFC? (Spoiler alert: He tries.)

Some families have dinners together — others steal cars. At least, that’s what the team on “CSI: NY” (CBS at 9) discover when they find a family of car thieves after a young woman is found dead in a stolen Ferrari.

Talk show host and former TLC show producer Kelly Ripa stops by on the season premiere of “Say Yes to the Dress” (TLC at 9) to act as a wedding dress consultant, while another bride has unusually expensive taste in gowns.

Two bullies are found dead on “Fringe” (Fox at 9) soon after they were teasing another young boy, but the Fringe team notices some strange facts about the case, and think the boys may have been killed by a mysterious creature.

Danny responds to a bank robbery on “Blue Bloods” (CBS at 10) and finds that one of the three robbers used to be a cop.

“Trick My What?” (CMT at 10) is for people that enjoyed “Trick My Truck,” but wished they had tricked out something other than trucks. On this show, a few lucky people get the chance to have other labor-saving equipment fixed, starting with a broken tree skidder.

VH1 wraps up a week of “The 100 Greatest Songs of ‘00s” (VH1 at 10) with the final 20 choices — get ready for Kanye West, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson and lots of Beyonce.

— Emily Yahr