FINALE WATCH: “NCIS” (CBS at 8 p.m.). Status: Renewed for Season 9. The seemingly unstoppable (ratings-wise, anyway) drama wraps up its eighth season as the Port-to-Port killer threatens the lives of NCIS team members.

FINALE WATCH: “Raising Hope” (Fox at 9). Status: Renewed for Season 2. The freshman comedy will return in the fall with more adventures with the Chances. But as the first season wraps up, the family reminisces about when Jimmy turned 18 years old and wound up living in a grocery store.

FINALE WATCH: “NCIS: Los Angeles” (CBS at 9). Status: Not officially renewed, but count on seeing the West Coast NCIS team for a third season. Meanwhile, Callen works to track down Hetty and figure out the reason behind her surprising resignation.

FINALE WATCH: “Breaking In” (Fox at 9:30). Status: Canceled. Say goodbye to another short-lived Christian Slater show — this comedy ends after seven episodes. Mike Tyson stars in the farewell episode, in which Cameron helps with a case involving a teenage cyber-bully.

FINALE WATCH: “The Good Wife” (CBS at 10). Status: Not officially renewed, but odds are excellent that all the drama, both business and personal, will continue at Lockhart Gardner through a Season 3. As this season wraps up, Alicia and Kalinda are forced to work together despite their huge confrontation last week, and Will realizes that the timing might finally be right to move beyond “just friends” with Alicia.

FINALE WATCH: “One Tree Hill” (CW at 8). Status: Unknown. The network hasn’t announced whether the long-running drama will get a ninth season. As Season 8 ends, Brooke and Haley get ready to relaunch Karen’s Cafe, while Clay and Nathan team up to find new clients and Chase leaves for the Air Force.

FINALE WATCH: “Hellcats” (CW at 9). Status: Unknown. The first-year cheerleading drama hasn’t been renewed for a second season, and things are looking bleak in the finale: A strep throat epidemic arrives at Lancer University just in time to sideline some Hellcats members before Nationals.

Also on: “Hardball With Chris Matthews” (MSNBC at 5) airs from Los Angeles and focuses on education topics with guests Bill Maher and former Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell; “Eat St.” (Cooking Channel at 8) makes a stop in the District to visit D.C. Slices, the city’s mobile pizza truck; another couple is voted out before finale week on “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC at 9), which includes a performance by Stevie Nicks.

Emily Yahr