With peak bloom time around the corner — apparently between March 26 and March 30 — WETA re-airs “The Washington Cherry Blossoms: Beauty on the Basin” (WETA at 8 p.m.) to get Washingtonians in the spring mind-set.

As usual, “Whitney” (NBC at 8) takes things one step too far during a friendly competition at the bar and winds up showing off a lot of skin to a lot of strangers. And even though Alex is furious, he decides the best way to handle things is to take a compromising photo of himself to prove to his friends that he’s not the boring one.

Dean Winters guest-stars on “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC at 9) as a detective accused of assaulting a woman while he was working undercover, and his lawyer uses some very surprising strategies for the defense.

The evil Crowley on “Supernatural” (CW at 9) is determined to find Lucifer’s crypt, even if that means unleashing demons and torturing Meg — so it’s up to Sam and Dean to save the day.

On “Criminal Minds” (CBS at 9), the team focuses on investigating victims who were particularly open about sharing the inner workings of their personal lives on blogs and social media.

Taylor Kinney, left, as Kelly Severide in a scene from NBC’s “Chicago Fire. (Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Dallas goes on a food-eating spree with Jill when she has doubts about her relationship with George on “Suburgatory” (ABC at 9:30), while Tessa starts to feel older than her high school-age years.

FINALE WATCH: As everyone should be, Blake is concerned about the rise of machines on the Season 3 finale of “Workaholics” (Comedy Central at 10).

Kelly Severide works with Casey and Bennie to find out what really happened when two diners went up in flames on “Chicago Fire” (NBC at 10), while there’s drama when Mills confronts Bennie about the fire that killed his father.

David Phillips goes to a high school reunion with his detective buddies on “CSI” (CBS at 10), but they must spring into action when it turns out the prom queen has been murdered.

IndyCar driver Graham Rahal presents a Top Ten List on “The Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS at 11:35), which also features comedian Andy Hendrickson and musical guests the Airborne Toxic Event.

“The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC at 11:35) hosts actress Vanessa Hudgens, actor Chris O’Dowd and singer Gary Clark Jr.

Actress Elle Fanning is a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC at 11:35).

Emily Yahr