Taylor Swift (Jason Merritt/Getty Images) and Chanel on "Scream Queens" (Hilary Gayle/FOX)

Ryan Murphy, you sly genius. Don’t you know Taylor Swift holds a grudge?

We’re not sure how the pop superstar is going to feel about Tuesday night’s opening of Murphy’s “Scream Queens,” which kicked off with a devastating — and frankly, pretty hilarious — parody of Swift’s gift-giving habit. Specifically, her famous “Swiftmas” video, which showed her personally selecting, wrapping and in some cases delivering presents to her fans.

On “Scream Queens,” Murphy and the writers mocked the video beat for beat (see them both below) using evil main character Chanel and her obsession with Halloween — known as “Chanel-o-ween.” Seriously, they really committed to the bit. For example, Swift’s video started like this:

(Screengrab from YouTube)

"Swiftmas" (Screengrab from YouTube)

...and then on “Scream Queens”:

"Chanel-o-ween" (Screengrab from YouTube)

Then, it segued to Chanel wrapping personalized gifts for her fans. While Swift went with blankets, clothes and coffee mugs, Chanel went shopping with her comatose grandmother’s credit card and bought appropriately scary severed arms, heads and razor apples.

Cue home videos of Chanel’s fans screaming and crying with delight as they open the presents and hand-written notes, just like Swift’s. There are few key differences.

Fan reading a letter from Swift: “I wanted to tell you how much you impress me with your giving spirit!”

Fan reading a letter from Chanel: “I wanted you to know how much you impress me with your frumpy spirit!”

Fan reading a letter from Swift: “I’ll see you soon in person but I’ll see you on Tumblr, like, tonight.”

Fan reading the letter from Chanel: “I can’t wait to see you in person, but before that, I’d like to see you post this all over social media to exploit it for my own gain!”

Zing! Even the final scenes are the same, as Swift drives to a fan’s house in Connecticut.

“There’s this wonderful girl named Steph who I’ve met before, but she has a tiny young son named Leighton who she posts videos of all the time and I’ve never gotten to meet him before. So I guess we’re just going to go and drive to Connecticut and bring Leighton some Christmas presents,” Swift gushes.

“There’s this girl named Susan who’s always posting sad videos of herself online and she lives some place horrible. SoI guess we’re just going to have to drive to Susan’s house and deliver some Chanel-o-ween presents in person,” Chanel sighs.

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