Robert Mills, James Hoban and Henry Bacon would be proud of KidsPost readers.

Who are those guys? They’re the architects of the Washington Monument, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial, and their incredible works were among those that readers rendered in Lego glory as part of our contest asking kids to build their favorite Washington spot using the famous interconnecting blocks. Featured on this page are our five favorite entries. Each architect will receive a KidsPost T-shirt, and grand-prize winner Sameer Aggarwal, 10, of Springfield will also win a Pirate Plank Lego game.

Sameer, a fourth-grader at Springfield Estates Elementary School, said he built the White House because “I like the White House. I’ve seen the outside of it, but I want to see inside the White House, too, and meet [President Barack] Obama.”

Sameer loves to build and play with Lego bricks. He rattles off some of his other construction projects: “I’ve built the Eiffel Tower and planes and some cars, trains, tow trucks and a firetruck.” It took him “about one and a half hours” to build the president’s home.

Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

— Tracy Grant