Ghent is Belgium’s unsung capital of cool

Ghent, Belgium, has never gotten the love of Antwerp or Bruges. Here’s why the increasingly green destination should.

By Mary Winston NicklinSeptember 23, 2022

In Morocco, a new take on working vacations

I wanted to pitch in during the labor shortage. So, I rolled up my sleeves and served breakfast and checked in guests at a hostel in Morocco.

By Andrea SachsSeptember 23, 2022

How to plan — and survive — a trip with friends

Traveling with friends can be a fun experience that deepens bonds. Here's how to make a trip happen — and emerge with friendships intact.

By Helen CarefootSeptember 22, 2022

How to stay powered up on the road

To keep your devices charged while traveling, know your adapters, pack a power source and plan ahead.

By Christopher ElliottSeptember 21, 2022

Going with the flow on an impulsive trip to Thailand

A spontaneous trip to Thailand embodies the magic, and the headaches, of spontaneity.

By Lily RadziemskiSeptember 16, 2022

In Utah, a canyoneering trip is a lesson in embracing limitations

Utah's San Rafael Swell Recreation Area provides a desert backdrop for introspection.

By Dina MishevSeptember 16, 2022

Eight great places to see the Mid-Atlantic’s migrating birds

In the Mid-Atlantic, migratory bird activity along the Atlantic Flyway peaks in September and October.

By Nevin MartellSeptember 15, 2022

Will Thanksgiving be as bad as summer for travel?

This holiday season, plan defensively to avoid the worst of summer's travel chaos.

By Christopher ElliottSeptember 15, 2022

In the Netherlands, 4 contemporary art museums go beyond the Old Masters

In museums across its 12 provinces, the Netherlands has a variety of bold and compelling contemporary art.

By Diane DanielSeptember 9, 2022

Near the Swiss border with Italy, vestiges of the past are set in stone

Astonishing views and impossible terrain mark the countryside near Switzerland's Italian border.

By Sylvie BigarSeptember 9, 2022

An active adventure across the Azores’ volcanic islands

On the increasingly accessible Portuguese archipelago, so near and yet so far away.

By Bob DroginSeptember 9, 2022

For vacationers with a senior dog, Nantucket offers a chance to romp

An older pooch and his people find plenty to love on dog-friendly Nantucket Island.

By Stacey LastoeSeptember 8, 2022

As prices rise, travelers are working harder to find bargains

Higher travel costs require a more assertive approach to bargain-hunting.

By Christopher ElliottSeptember 7, 2022

Sampling the hikes — and hops — in Bend, Ore.

I went to Bend, Ore., to find out why the city made my friends trade their RV for a house. (Spoiler: hiking trails and beer.)

By Anna MazurekSeptember 2, 2022

In Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, hut-to-hut hiking gets high marks

For backpackers, a rugged range in the Rocky Mountains offers amazing views, cold lakes and equipped cabins.

By Rachel WalkerSeptember 2, 2022

Are airlines getting more strict about carry-ons?

Some see a future where travelers are charged for carry-on as well as checked luggage.

By Christopher ElliottAugust 31, 2022

In Newfoundland, vast vistas and warm welcomes

A road trip through Newfoundland is replete with whale sightings, mooseburgers and the extraordinarily friendly people for whom the province is known.

By Walter NicklinAugust 26, 2022

A midsummer ramble in the Dolomites

Along an Italian high-altitude, long-distance hiking path, fellowship and felicity meet mountaintop vistas and upscale regional dining.

By Kenneth R. RosenAugust 26, 2022

How to make the most of long solo car trips

It is possible to transform long solo car trips into enriching experiences that you won’t dread. Really.

By Nevin MartellAugust 25, 2022

How capsule wardrobes can simplify packing for trips

Cut down the chaos and stress of packing by tailoring your closet to pieces you'll wear repeatedly.

By Helen CarefootAugust 25, 2022