In Lyon’s network of hidden passageways, footfalls of the past

Books and movies have added to the mystique of the “traboules,” or hidden passageways, that wind through Lyon.

By Lily RadziemskiMay 20, 2022

A rock shattered our window in Jordan. It became a trip highlight.

A thrown rock is an unexpected introduction to village culture on a road trip through rural Jordan.

By Steve HendrixMay 20, 2022

The best baseball cities for a summer road trip

Plan a summer vacation around a baseball game in a city that offers much more than nine innings of play.

By Stacey LastoeMay 19, 2022

Eight new travel books to read on vacation this summer

Chronicles of Bolivia, India, Afghanistan and more, these eight travel books are among the best of 2022.

By Jen Rose SmithMay 19, 2022

National Trails Day offers hikers the chance to celebrate and help

Agencies need assistance maintaining about 1 million miles of trails in the United States.

By Erin E. WilliamsMay 19, 2022

Try the Grand Canyon’s cooler, quieter North Rim to escape the crowds

The views are just as spectacular on the Grand Canyon's North Rim.

By Laura RandallMay 18, 2022

How the pandemic has changed hotel breakfasts

While some hotels have discontinued or streamlined breakfast, others have upgraded their offerings.

By Christopher ElliottMay 18, 2022

Print this coloring page for your next family vacation

Bored in the car and in the car bored? Download this PDF and get out your crayons!

By Travel staffMay 13, 2022

On Cape Cod Bay, a family vacation for the ages — all of them

Three generations delight in watching whales, deepening ties with a new adventure.

By Rachel WalkerMay 13, 2022

Introducing city kids to nature in the hinterlands of Sardinia

In Sardinia, a quest for avian wonders amid a stunning variety of landscapes threaded with hiking trails.

By Mary Winston NicklinMay 13, 2022

What I wish I had known before I started traveling with teenagers

My lessons learned about traveling with adolescents might save your next vacation.

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How to pull off a surprise family vacation this summer

Engineering a surprise vacation for your family takes planning, collaborators and more than a little stealth.

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Traveling with older loved ones? Keep these tips in mind.

For multigenerational vacations, planning and flexibility can smooth the journey.

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How to avoid travel mistakes this summer

As many vacationers prepare to take their first trips in two years, it's important to remember the basics of travel.

By Christopher ElliottMay 11, 2022

Hotels expand into Airbnb territory by offering private homes

Hotel chains have been venturing into the short-term rental market, a domain long dominated by peer-to-peer platforms.

By Andrea SachsMay 6, 2022

Exploring Ocracoke, on North Carolina’s Outer Banks

This North Carolina barrier island has a colorful past that belies its tranquil present.

By Anna MazurekMay 6, 2022

Everyone poops weirdly on vacation

Here’s why our bowel habits change while traveling — and what to do about it.

By Trisha Pasricha May 5, 2022

Expedition cruises put a new spin on luxury at sea

Adventure cruising and high-end travel used to be mutually exclusive, but today's expedition ships are changing that.

By Danielle BraffMay 5, 2022

A guide to volunteering in the outdoors

For travelers, volunteering in the great outdoors adds meaning to the adventure.

By Kate SilverMay 5, 2022

Here’s what you need to know about international airlines this summer

With more advantages than disadvantages, international airlines are worth a look.

By Christopher ElliottMay 4, 2022