If you travel, you know these types well: the Hallway Hellraisers, the circus troupe that rolls through the corridor like drunken elephants, and the Complainers, the vocal guests who are harder to please than Goldilocks. (At least she finally settled on “just right.”)

Of course, those bothersome overnighters are never us, right? Hope not, because Expedia has released its first Hotel Etiquette Study, which exposes the Top 10 Most Annoying Guests.

First place goes to Inattentive Parents (Billy is eating the fake plant — again), who received 67 percent of the votes by more than 1,000 participants. Hallway Hellraisers, Complainers, In-Room Revelers (party in Room 223!) and the Bickerers (peck, peck, peck) round out the top five. Also on the list: Poolside Partyers (roar and splash), the Loudly Amorous (get a soundproof room!), Hot Tub Canoodlers (smooch and splash), the Business Bar Boozer (heresh my cardsh) and the Elevator Chatterbox (memememememe), who annoy 6 percent of the folks surveyed.

On an encouraging note, the majority of travelers are Generous Georges/ettes: More than half of the participants said they tip the housekeepers. And although some habits are not surprising (squirreling away toiletries), others are creepy (2 percent have deliberately eavesdropped on a guest in the next room).

The takeaway: Be aware of your behavior when staying at hotels. You don’t want to annoy your fellow travelers — or end up in a national survey.

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