A glossary of ganja

The cannabis industry is as complex and confounding as viticulture, with a dictionary full of terms. Here’s a short glossary to help you sound like a scholarly stoner.

Bud: Literally the green buds of the flowering cannabis plant that contain the primary high-inducing ingredient. Can be smoked in a pipe, a bong, a joint, etc.

Couch lock: When you take one puff too many and melt into your furniture.

Dabbing: The act of consuming concentrated cannabis extracted from the flower. Often appears in wax or oil form. Extremely potent and not recommended for beginners.

Dispensary: Licensed retailers of cannabis products, for medical and/or recreational use.

Edibles: Food items infused with THC, such as chocolate bars, granola and lollipops.

Hash: The resin collected from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Comes in the form of wax or amber glass, or is extracted with a solvent (CO2, butane, etc.). Stronger than weed.

Hemp: The fiber of the cannabis plant that can be used in many everyday products, such as clothing, rope and jewelry.

Hybrid: A cross-bred strain that contains Indica and Sativa (see below). Examples: Acapulco Gold, Blue Dream, Purple Voodoo.

Indica: A cannabis plant known for causing a heavy body high and drowsiness. Best used at night. Examples: Bubba Kush, Northern Lights, Romulan.

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive substance in cannabis.

Sativa: A cannabis plant known for its energizing and uplifting qualities. Best for daytime use. Examples: Purple Haze, Jack Herer, Durban Poison.

Strains: Pure or hybrid varieties of cannabis.

Vaporizer: A device that extracts the active ingredient of cannabis through heat and emits a smoke-free vapor that is inhaled. Vape-pens, which resemble stylish writing utensils, and e-cigarettes fall under this category.

Common slang for cannabis: weed, pot, marijuana, Mary Jane, herb, grass, ganja, dro, reefer (old-school).

— A.S.