Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the Internet deal provided by Gogo. This version has been updated.

Coming & Going

Sky shopping, Southwest’s 15 minutes and Spirit doubles up

Shop ’n’ fly

Procrastinating holiday elves just gained an extra 30 minutes of shopping time.

Gogo, the in-flight WiFi service, is offering 30 minutes of free access to an online marketplace with links to more than a dozen online retailers. Participating airlines include American, AirTran, Delta, Virgin America and US Airways, among others.

Passengers can click gratis from Nov. 23 through Jan. 2.


Television with wings

There’s a new show on the cable network TLC, a reality show that takes viewers behind the scenes of Southwest Airlines.

The network has ordered 13 half-hour episodes of the show. (Reality show stalwarts may recall A&E’s insider peek at the carrier with its 2004-05 program “Airline.”) Filming started this weekend at BWI Marshall and Denver International; more airports will be added in the future.

The studio has not announced the show’s title or premiere date. CoGo thinks a good working title could be “Get Me Off This @*#*$& Plane!”

That’s (not) the spirit

Spirit Airlines is now squeezing more pennies out of passengers’ pockets.

This month, the nickel-and-diming airline changed its so-called passenger usage fee to $16.99 one way, or about $34 round trip on most domestic and international flights. Previously, the charge incurred when making online reservations — apparently the only time this “usage fee” applies — was $8.99 on domestic flights. In a surprising windfall, though, international travelers who once paid $18.99 will now save $2.

The only way to avoid the fee is to fly to Colombia or Panama, the two destinations for which you don’t have to fork over, or book your ticket at the airport counter — an additional expense in time, money and annoyance.

Andrea Sachs