The Malzahn and Kipp families took a Disney cruise that included a stop to this glacier in Skagway, Alaska. (Alison Malzahn)

Our readers share tales of their rambles around the world.

Who: Keira Malzahn (9, the author), brother Gavin (age 11), father Dan and mother Alison of Herndon and the Kipp family: aunt Kristin, uncle Brian, cousins Colin (age 7) and Kaitlin (age 5) all of Avondale, Pa.

Where, when, why: On Aug. 3, our family went on a Disney cruise to Alaska. We wanted to see nature — whales, eagles and especially bears and glaciers. We saw them all! We also wanted to see a different part of our country.

Highlights and high points: The thing that made my eyes pop out of my head was the fish blood from when we went fishing. Our tour guide/fisherman put four fishing lines in the water, and about a minute later a fish was on the hook. It was a pink salmon. When I saw all the blood ooze out of the fish’s gills I was totally grossed out. We kept on catching pink salmon and finally my brother got a king salmon! It was really big — 34 inches long. Then I caught a king salmon, too, but at 28.5 inches, it was not as big as the one my brother caught. When we were done fishing, we shipped some of our salmon home and we ate it. It was good! Another highlight was in Juneau when we went on a float plane, and I got to be the copilot! When we landed there were three black bears and workers with sticks so the bears would not steal the salmon that was being cooked.

Cultural connection or disconnect: My cultural disconnect was when the tour guide said that she lived in a tent for three summers! Then she moved out and got a house that was about the size of my mom and dad’s bathroom. Where does she keep all of her stuff? Another disconnect I noticed was that there were a lot of people going up and down the elevator on the cruise ship when there were two wide staircases right next to the elevator. I broke my heel bone, so I needed the elevator. But if it had not been broken, then I would have used the stairs.

Biggest laugh or cry: My biggest laugh was when we were on the cruise ship watching a ventriloquist. It was so funny because he made a bunch of puppets talk but never moved his lips! My favorite part is when he made a tennis ball talk. It was also funny because each puppet had its own voice. He had a lot of puppets and he even put a mask on a 7-year-old boy from the audience and made him talk. I am not sure if the boy liked it, but the ventriloquist sure made him say some funny stuff. I laughed so hard that my belly hurt.

How unexpected: The experience that took me by surprise was visiting the Davidson Glacier because at first it looked like it was very small. But when we got closer, we saw it was huge. We got to walk right up and touch the glacier. A big cave was forming in the glacier from the melting ice. The tour guide said the cave was getting bigger every year. I even saw little pieces of ice falling off the top of the cave. The cave ice was a pretty blue color. I was also really surprised that there were so many rocks of so many different shapes and sizes. I even brought some rocks home because they were so cool.

Fondest memento or memory: I got a lot of stuff when I went to Alaska, but my favorite thing was a rock. But it was not just any rock. It was a special rock. This rock had iron, granite and something that was gray, but I am not sure what it is. It was also special because we found it at the Davidson Glacier and brought it all the way home.

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