Bye-bye, (some) buses

You may not notice the decrease in traffic, but there’ll be fewer buses on Interstate 95 now that the Department of Transportation has ordered 26 bus operations shut down.

All the operations, which included a ticket seller, nine active bus companies and three applying for operating authority, fell under the umbrella of three main companies: Apex Bus, I-95 Coachand New Century Travel.

In issuing the order, the DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cited multiple violations, such as failure to maintain buses, to test drivers for drugs and alcohol and to ensure that drivers held commercial driver’s licenses. Officials called all three companies “an imminent hazard to public safety.”

An additional 10 bus company owners, managers and employees received notice to cease passenger transportation operations.

The DOT began an investigation in June 2011 after several deadly crashes. It also uncovered the companies’ use of a variety of identities to mask the scope of their networks, which included 13 affiliates that had previously been told to close.

Becky Krystal