To the editor:

With deep concern we have noted the article “Visiting the Andy Warhol Museum – in Slovakia,” published in The Washington Post on April 17. Inappropriate conduct by the author, as admitted in the Editor’s Note published on May 22, not only questions his professionalism and ethics, but also weakens our confidence in the way the Post handles freelance work in order to ensure its quality and impartiality.

The article described my homeland, Slovakia, with little sense of objectivity. The Slovak Republic is a noted successful example of post-socialist transformation, which has led to its membership in NATO, the European Union and, as of 2009, the Eurozone. This would not have been possible without parting with “the old ways,” those that the author implies are still supposed to be present in Slovakia. Publishing this information in the Travel section of your newspaper unjustly undermines the good name of Slovakia as an attractive tourist destination for many U.S. visitors.

Peter Burian

Ambassador of the Slovak Republic