Manitoba’s many charms

The article on Manitoba [“The spirit of Manitoba,” Aug. 5] brought back wonderful memories from our trip last fall to Winnipeg and Churchill. Winnipeg is a much more exciting city than it was when I visited it in my distant youth, growing up in Minneapolis. We didn’t get to the Pooh museum, but we did see all the other sights and fell in love with the Natural History Museum. Oak Hummock, a great natural area and park outside Winnipeg, was awesome. Thanks for a great, engaging article.

Joyce Kelly

Ellicott City

I enjoyed the article on Manitoba, but the author didn’t go to Gimli. Manitoba has the largest concentration of Icelanders outside Iceland, and the Icelandic ambassador (to both the United States and Canada) has said that when he attends the August Festival there, he cannot believe the number of Icelanders who come.

Marjory Olsen Olson

Silver Spring

Go Eastern Shore!

Great article on the Cape Charles hotel [“Chillin’ at the Hotel Cape Charles,” Aug. 5]. I’m a native New Yorker, spent the past nine years in Philadelphia and recently relocated to Maryland. My wife and I are so happy to be closer to the Eastern Shore of Virginia (ESVA) — it’s a place that we want to share with our children. My grandmother is from the town of Pungoteague near Exmore, so it’s always a treat to explore the wonderful communities in that part of the world. My mom bought some years ago in the Bay Creek community and thoroughly enjoys her time in Cape Charles.

The ESVA is a magical place, and part of me hopes that more people will journey to the area and explore its hidden treasures.

Dacque Tirado

Silver Spring

Let’s fix that

Several of the responses in the Travel Talk column of Aug. 5 were either erroneous or insufficiently complete:

In your response about getting cash in Europe, you should have noted how easy it is to get credit cards that charge no foreign transaction fees. In addition, it’s worth looking for a card with a chip. I speak from experience: In the countryside in Scotland, the only bank in town required chip and PIN. We also found a number of restaurants that no longer had magnetic strip capability. It is not only automated train ticket machines that accept only chip and PIN.

The answer to the Caribbean question was remiss in not pointing out the hurricane risk in the Dominican Republic in September.

The answer about travel to Pittsburgh accepted the questioner’s statement that trains go through Harrisburg. Amtrak’s Capitol Limited goes directly to Pittsburgh and nowhere near Harrisburg.

Richard Burrage

Lively, Va.