NEW YORK — A New York City artist is facing eviction and a $185,000 fine after renting out her rent-regulated loft to tourists on Airbnb.

The New York Post reports a judge ruled this week that a landlord could evict Eileen Hickey.

Landlord Robert Moskowitz says Hickey’s rentals made $4,500 a month, triple what she pays. Moskowitz says Hickey violated state laws against short-term renting and profiting off rent-stabilized apartments.

Hickey says the Airbnb rentals spanned 85 nights over 10 months a few years ago. She says she needed money for her then-husband’s medical bills and believed the rentals were legal.

The 72-year-old also owns a Manhattan condo. She says she uses it as an office.

San Francisco-based Airbnb said Friday it encourages tenants to consult their landlords before renting out their homes.

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