Qatar Airways recently introduced double beds as a feature for their business class travelers. (Qatar Airways)

Qatar Airways recently introduced double beds as a feature for their business class travelers. (Qatar Airways)

Most in-flight sleepovers are unplanned, uncomfortable and unwelcome. Air travelers know the drill: the drowsy seatmate who uses your shoulder as an in-flight pillow, the sprawling traveler who sees the empty middle seat as an invitation to prop up their smelly feet, the aggressive recliner who unapologetically slams their seat back into your shins in an effort to catch some extra z’s.

Turns out the sky isn't the limit when it comes to travelers' efforts to maximize their own comfort.

That’s where Qatar Airways’s new business class seating comes in. The design — previously available only to first-class airline customers — allows travelers to have sky-high sleepovers in a fully reclined, fully enclosed double bed, complete with plush pillows, cotton sheets and a fluffy duvet. And the passenger snuggling up to your shoulder or snoring in your ear? He or she is there by choice, not chance.

Dubbed the Qsuite, the international business class accommodation gives passengers the option of combining their adjoining seats into a 79-inch double bed. The spacious seats, which are bookended by two entertainment screens, come with an optional quilted mattress topper, ambient mood lighting and a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Overnight travelers are also offered the option of takeaway pajamas and an amenity kit chock full of products, including socks, lip balm and an anti-aging moisturizer.

It’s like a honeymoon suite in the sky, sans the rose petals, towel animal and private restroom.

“Our unique and patented design is a world first in many ways and challenges industry norms by offering passengers more privacy, more choice and more personalization,” Qatar Airways chief executive Akbar Al Baker said in a press statement, adding that it took two years for the carrier’s designers and engineers to develop the transformable seats.

The newest business class feature can be configured to create an open work and social space for passengers traveling in a group of four. (Qatar Airways)

Traveling in a group of four? Families, friends and co-workers can request their seats, panels and television monitors be configured to face one other and allow for a private communal area for working, socializing and dining.

The perk is being marketed to bleary-eyed business travelers, families and couples looking for flexibility, privacy and quality shut eye. But passengers should expect to pay a premium price for sky-high comfort: each seat starts at 1,600 pounds ($2,164), so expect to pony up 3,200 pounds (about $4,326) for your Cloud Nine slumber party.

The service is currently only available on the carrier’s daily Boeing 777 service from London’s Heathrow Airport to Doha’s Hamad International Airport in Qatar, although the airline has plans to expand the accommodations to business routes in Paris and New York soon.

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