The Transportation Security Administration is un-banning some items that you haven’t been allowed to bring onboard a flight, but don’t toss your 3.4-ounce toiletries yet. You’ll still need those.

The relaxation on carry-on items will please sporty types and wood whittlers. Starting April 25, passengers will be able to bring onboard knives that fit specific measurements, such as a length of no more than 2.36 inches (roughly the length of a standard sugar packet) and a width of no more than a half-inch at the broadest point. The sharp object also can’t have a molded grip or a locked or fixed blade. For examples of permissible knives, the agency showed a wine opener with a small blade attachment and a very basic Swiss Army-style knife. Box cutters and razors, by the way, didn’t make the cut.

In response, Ian Funderburg organized a petition at opposing the reversal. “Knives do NOT belong on planes!” wrote the flight attendant, whose appeal has received several thousand supporters. “Tell the TSA: Protect your fellow Americans, do the right thing and get rid of this policy.”

Also now permitted to fly in the cabin: lacrosse sticks, pool cues, up to two golf clubs, ski poles and hockey sticks. Bats also move to the good side, as long as they don’t exceed 24 inches and 24 ounces. Meanwhile, full-size baseball, softball and cricket bats are losers.

Andrea Sachs