Looking for a good multi-pocket travel jacket or vest for your next trip? Here are a few retailers that carry them (prices don't include shipping and handling or taxes, where applicable):

L.L. Bean, 800-441-5713, The tropic-weight Outdoor Travel Vest is a little less dorky-looking than some of the other vests out there, with a broken-in look and a leather zipper pull. Comes with a microfiber lens-cleaning cloth. Eight pockets for women, nine for men (both $79).

Magellan's, 800-962-4943, The Ultimate Travel Vest for women ($79.50, currently on sale for $54.99) has 16 pockets and a long, boxy look. The regular Travel Vest, with eight pockets, is cuter ($52). Another option: the Adventure & Travel Convertible Jacket/Vest, with eight pockets and removable sleeves ($110 for women, $115 for men). Magellan's also sells Scottevest products (see below).

National Geographic Store, 800-437-5521, Not the most economical place to buy travel clothes, but you'll look like an adventurer. The Microsuede 39 (!) Pocket Travel Jacket has a great rugged look ($199.95).

Orvis, 888-235-9763, Also pricey, but good stuff. The men's cotton-nylon Ultimate Travel Jacket has 26 pockets, removable sleeves and hood ($325). The women's poly-cotton-nylon Reversible Travel vest, with eight pockets, is particularly attractive ($79, currently on sale for $65).

Scottevest, 866-909-8378, Pocket nirvana here, but if you're going for a nice rumpled look, forget it - most items are slick-looking and fitted. The 37-pocket Expedition Jacket for men is a welcome exception ($200). The cotton-nylon Travel Vest for Women has 22 pockets ($100), but I went with the men's nylon Pack Windbreaker, with 17 pockets ($75). Also cute: the machine-washable, 18-pocket Women's Trench, available in February ($130).

TravelSmith, 800-770-3387, Lots of options; similar to Magellan's. The women's nylon-poly Voyager Vest has 11 pockets; men's version has 14 (both $69). Men's sueded poly-nylon Traveler Jacket has 10 pockets ($119-$129).

- K.C.S.