Caroline Blanch & Jason Israel

Caroline Blanch, 29, works for the Bethesda-based Boston Consulting Group. Jason Israel, 35, is a policy adviser for the Defense Department. They live in Woodley Park.

Wedding date: Dec. 30, 2012

Location: Dunbar House, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Guests: 85

How they met: Blanch and Israel met in August 2009 while students in the Master in Public Policy program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Blanch, an Australian, had moved to the United States from Melbourne, while Israel had just returned from Naples, where he had been serving in the Navy. They were acquaintances until a dinner with classmates in February 2010. Intrigued by Blanch’s wit, Israel invited her to lunch, where they discovered they had the same “moral compass,” Israel said.

Caroline Blanch and Jason Israel at their wedding at Dunbar House in Sydney, Australia, on Dec. 30, 2012. (Blumenthal Photography/Australia)

The proposal: After graduation in May 2011, Blanch took a job in Sydney but asked for a transfer to the District, where Israel would start work in November. In September, she received the transfer. Before heading to Australia for a reunion getaway to the Great Barrier Reef, Israel designed her engagement ring and spent a day walking around Boston, taking photographs of 50 places they’d been on dates. While on a jog, they stopped at a waterfall where Israel had arranged to have breakfast waiting. “There were so many romantic places on the trip that I didn’t expect anything to happen on a jog,” Blanch said. Blanch saw the “50 dates” photo album on the table, and Israel told her he had something else for her. Then he pulled the ring out of his shorts.

The wedding: Friends and family gave readings on gratitude, peace and marriage. Guests wrote their thoughts on cards, to later remind Blanch and Israel of their guests’ wishes for them.

The honeymoon: Because Israel was recalled to active duty for a one-year deployment to Africa, they’re delaying their honeymoon until next February.