Dan Hagerty and Michael Cook were married Jan. 5 at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in the District. (ElMansouri Yassine)
Dan Hagerty & Michael Cook

Dan Hagerty, 40, is executive director of the Miami City Ballet. Michael Cook, 31, is a principal dancer for the Kennedy Center’s Suzanne Farrell Ballet. They live in Columbia Heights and Miami.

Wedding date: Jan. 5, 2013

Location: Josephine Butler Parks Center, Washington, D.C.

Guests: 125

How they met: In February 2010, Dan Hagerty, then director of development for the Kennedy Center, signed up on a whim to attend a special dance class held by artistic director Suzanne Farrell for her company supporters. Near the end of class, which was held in the Eisenhower Theater’s rehearsal room, Michael Cook came in to practice. Hagerty and Cook locked eyes and spoke briefly; Hagerty told Cook how much he had enjoyed the class. That evening, both sent e-mails to the same colleague inquiring about the other. A few days later, Hagerty pulled out of the Kennedy Center garage on a rainy night to see Cook leaving his rehearsal. Hagerty offered him a ride, which led to dinner. They immediately bonded over their affection for the arts and similar world view. In summer 2011, they moved in together in the District.

The proposal: They rented a house in Rehoboth that summer. On a quiet Sunday evening at the end of July, they walked on the beach after dinner and Hagerty, “fumbling my words a lot,” popped the question, giving Cook a ring. “The rules aren’t so clear, but I knew I couldn’t propose without a ring,” Hagerty said.

The wedding: Actress Emily Skinner, a friend of the couple, sang “More Than You Know” during the service. A wedding planner friend who works at the Kennedy Center orchestrated the wedding details, including a buffet dinner, the winter-white color scheme, the lighting and the DJ. Canvas bags printed with bow ties and the couple’s initials contained mixed CDs with Hagerty and Cook’s favorite songs.

The honeymoon: They spent a few days in Key West, where they rented mopeds to explore and relaxed on the beach.

— Janet Bennett Kelly