DeeDee Davis & Bill Fowler

DeeDee Davis, 31, is a nanny. Bill Fowler, 32, is a security guard at Shady Grove Hospital. They live in Urbana.

Wedding date: Sept. 1

Location: Weinberg Center for the Arts, Frederick

DeeDee Davis and Bill Fowler at their wedding reception at the Weinberg Center for the Arts on Sept. 1. (Kelley Craig)

Guests: 200

How they met: They were in the same circle of friends at Albert Einstein High School in Kensington in the late 1990s but didn’t date. When Davis moved back to Maryland after college in 2004, she contacted Fowler and they ended up in a relationship for two years. But Davis got cold feet and broke it off. She became engaged to someone else, realized it wasn’t right and after a few weeks texted Fowler to invite him for a drink. He declined, thinking she was still engaged. She finally persuaded him to meet her at IHOP at midnight after his shift ended. Davis said she felt an instant flutter; Fowler was wary, but they were able to “find one another again” by being clear about what each wanted.

The proposal: In June 2011, Davis came home to find a diamond ring hanging from a fluorescent tie on their dog’s collar, and Fowler bent down on one knee.

The wedding: Davis was happy that her father, who had recently received a prosthesis for his amputated leg, was able to walk her down the aisle. The dessert reception was a smorgasbord of mini cupcakes, cheesecakes, pecan pie tarts, shot glasses of marshmallows and cereal, cake pops and candy. The couple had their first dance to Keith Urban’s “Making Memories of Us,” from the first CD Fowler bought for Davis. After the reception, they went to Firestone’s in downtown Frederick.

The honeymoon: Before their seven-day cruise to Alaska, they spent a day in Seattle going to a baseball game and exploring the city. Highlights of the vacation included a streetcar tour in Skagway, visiting Juneau and seeing Victoria in British Columbia.


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— Janet Bennett Kelly