Dorothy Nederman and Will Hildebrandt kiss on Westhampton Beach, NY, on June 2, 2012. (David Vaughan Photography)
Dorothy Nederman & Will Hildebrandt

Dorothy Nederman, 28, is a telecommunications consultant. Will Hildebrandt, 29, is a sales manager for a division of Cox TV. They live in Washington.

Wedding date: June 2

Location: Westhampton Bath and Tennis Club, Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

Guests: 135

How they met: They were introduced through mutual friends in September 2006 at Gordon Biersch, where they bonded over beer and love of winter sports. Before their date for the following week, Hildebrandt texted Nederman to say he had broken his toe. Her first thought was, Well, this is an interesting way to get out of a date. But that wasn’t the case. After dinner at J. Paul’s, Hildebrandt suggested they walk to the Georgetown waterfront. Halfway there Nederman realized she had left her jacket at the restaurant. Hildebrandt hobbled back with her to retrieve it.

The proposal: Hildebrandt conspired with Nederman’s dad, who invited the couple out to a Westhampton house for a weekend in late May 2011. The two men had been working on home improvement projects all day when Nederman, thinking Hildebrandt needed a break, asked him to go for a walk on the beach. They came to a jetty rock Nederman used to play on as a child and Hildebrandt got down on his knees, took her hand and asked her to marry him. Caught off guard, she asked him three times if he meant it; she says she didn’t even notice the ring he was holding.

The wedding: Hildebrandt’s father, an 85-year-old Presbyterian minister, married them. On a deck with a view of the ocean and a full moon, guests dined on a bounty of seafood, including lobster rolls and tuna tartare. Paper roses (all handmade by Nederman) and lighthouse lanterns adorned the table. Take-home favors were picture frames decorated with starfish. The couple chose “At Last” by Etta James for their first dance.

The honeymoon: They’re postponing a vacation until after the November election, but they plan to go to a Caribbean island for warm weather and relaxation.

Janet Bennett Kelly


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