Malaer and Thompson get a ride to their reception in a squad car. (Diana Lewkowicz Photography)
Jennifer Malaer& Tommy Thompson

Jennifer Malaer, 27, is a lawyer for the Social Security Administration. Tommy Thompson Jr., also 27, is a technology consultant for Price Waterhouse Cooper. They live in Columbia Heights.

Wedding date: July 14

Location: Odyssey cruise ship, Washington

Jennifer Malaer and Tommy Thompson Jr. at their wedding reception. (Diana Lewkowitz Photography)

Guests: 30

How they met: They met in 2004, their freshman year at University of Texas at San Antonio, at a student government association meeting. The first time Thompson asked Malaer out for dinner, she made up an excuse, saying she couldn’t go because she had to cook for her roommate that night. Thompson offered to come over and make a meal for the three of them; he arrived with a pot roast and pan. By junior year, they were serious. “We realized that what we wanted was what we had,” Thompson says.

The proposal: They visited Iceland in August 2011. Thompson had the ring in his pocket as they walked through a park but didn’t want to stop until he found the most scenic spot. Finally, with a view across the ocean, overlooking volcanoes and mountains, he nervously popped the question. Surprised, Malaer responded, “Yeah, I guess we could do that.”

The wedding: When their limo didn’t show up to the church, the couple tried hailing a cab in full wedding regalia. Some off-duty D.C. cops noticed and offered to take them to the reception in their squad car. Malaer wore her mother’s white satin shoes adorned with rhinestone buckles inherited from her grandmother. Instead of letting them sit in her closet, she gave her veil and crystal headband to another bride.

The honeymoon: In September, the couple will take a six-day safari through Kenya, followed by three days of relaxation in Dubai.

Janet Bennett Kelly


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