Jessica Jacobson and Ian Fijolek on their wedding day. (Egomedia Photography)
Jessica Jacobson & Ian Fijolek

Jessica Jacobson, 25, is the professional development coordinator at McKenna, Long & Aldridge, a Washington law firm. Ian Fijolek, also 25, is a software engineer at Living Social. They live in Arlington.

Wedding date: July 20

Location: Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington

Guests: 75

How they met: In May 2007, they were at a mutual friend’s party in their native suburban Chicago. Jacobson was on break from George Washington University; Fijolek from the University of Illinois. After she returned to the District, he contacted her on Facebook, wrote her e-mails and called. Following several weeks of correspondence, she “took a risk” and flew to see him for the weekend. They ate dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant. After that date, they knew they had found something special in one another.

The proposal: In the fall of 2012, they traveled to Walt Disney World. As they walked around Epcot Center, Jacobson complained about how hot it was. Fijolek shifted to a shady spot, told her how he felt about her and then dropped to one knee and proposed. Because Fijolek had been leading her astray, telling her he wasn’t ready to get married, she was caught off-guard; it took her a minute to blurt out, “Yes!”

The wedding: Jacobson and Fijolek are Beatles fans, so the wedding party entered to “Here Comes the Sun,” the bride marched down the aisle to “Something,” and the newlyweds exited to “All You Need Is Love.” Family and friends, many of whom had never been to Washington, enjoyed a sit-down dinner with a panoramic view of the Potomac and the Washington Monument. For favors, guests selected sweets from the blue- and purple-colored candy buffet and put them into Chinese takeout boxes marked with the couple’s name and wedding date.

The honeymoon: They vacationed for a week in St.Lucia, where they toured a volcano, visited botanical gardens and ziplined in the rain forest.


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