Liz Crimer and Brian Walsh at their wedding reception at the Greenbrier. (Sam Hurd Photography)

Liz Crimer, 29, and Brian Walsh, 32, are lawyers. They live in Del Ray.

Wedding date: Aug. 11

Location: The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, W.Va.

Guests: 80

How they met: In fall 2009, Crimer and Walsh were working in the same neighborhood and kept seeing each other on the sidewalk and on coffee runs. Finally, while in line at Starbucks, he struck up a conversation and asked her out. On their first date at Founding Farmers, Red Sox fan Crimer thought a second was unlikely after Walsh told her he was a Yankees fan, but their mutual love of Duke basketball gave her hope.

The proposal: Walsh arranged a last-minute trip to the Greenbrier on 11/11/11. While at the fireside bar, Crimer tried to mop up red wine that had spilled on Walsh’s jacket; he stopped her because he didn’t want her to feel the ring in his breast pocket. When they stepped outside for some fresh air, he gave her a hug, took out the ring and proposed.

The wedding: Crimer’s aunt officiated along with her former minister. Because of Walsh’s interest in Taoism, a friend read from philosopher Lao Tzu on life, love and marriage. Groomsmen wore khakis, blazers, boat shoes and Vineyard Vines ties; the bridesmaids wore variations of white chiffon dresses. Reflecting Crimer and Walsh’s love of golf, table numbers were on tees and welcome bags included sugar cookies shaped like golf balls.

The honeymoon: The couple spent 10 days in St. Lucia and Barbados, where they golfed, kayaked, sailed and relaxed on the beach.


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