Simone Garreau & John Solit

Simone Garreau, 26, plans conferences for the Gates Foundation. John Solit, 30, is pursuing graduate study in digital media at the University of Washington. They live in Seattle.

Wedding date: Sept. 3.

Location: Pilgrim’s Rest, Middleburg, Va.

Simone Garreau and John Solit during their wedding reception at Pilgrim's Rest farm in Middleburg, Va. on September 3, 2011. (Ross J Bosse )

Guests: 180.

How they met: During a group outing to the Black Cat in the summer of 2007, a friend tried to set up Garreau with a guy she thought was the perfect match. When it became apparent he wasn’t, his friend, Solit, came to the rescue with a joke to break the tension. Two weeks later, Solit invited Garreau on a scooter ride; they ended up at the Hawk and Dove, where Garreau’s parents had decided almost 30 years earlier that they would get married.

The proposal: In early October 2010, Solit purchased an engagement ring, intending to propose during their Christmas vacation to Bali. But about a week later, he marched into the living room, where Garreau was reading the paper, pulled out the ring and got down on one knee, saying he couldn’t wait.

The wedding: The couple wed on the farm where Garreau grew up and served a mostly Southern menu, including shrimp and grits. Instead of a cake, an ice cream truck dispensed soft serve and sundaes. After the party, about 40 guests camped overnight in tents and enjoyed a late bonfire.

The honeymoon: They spent a week in Garreau’s family’s summer house in Little Compton, R.I., and plan to tour Sardinia, Italy, by scooter in the spring.