Stephanie Romanchyk& David Speirs

Stephanie Romanchyk, 23, works in the records department of a law firm. David Speirs, 27, is a Web developer. They live in Chantilly.

Wedding date: Sept. 2

Location: Farm at Broad Run, Broad Run, Va.

Stepanie Romanchyk and David Speirs at their wedding reception. (Daniel Romanchyk)

Guests: 80

How they met: When a mutual friend introduced them in Sept. 2009, Romanchyk said, “Hi, I’m Stephanie.” Speirs replied, “You are hot!” His boldness led to a dinner date. That evening, one of Romanchyk’s dental veneers popped off; she ended up crawling around trying to find it. “Luckily, he still wanted a second date,” she says.

The proposal: In November 2011, Romanchyk had asked Speirs to clean their apartment, but when she came home she found him “playing around” at the computer. Even though she was annoyed, she consented to checking out a program he had just created. A series of prompts starting out with “Do you love me?” ended with “Will you do me the honor of being my bride?” Romanchyk began crying and said, “Of course!”

The wedding: The “short and sweet” ceremony took place under a chuppa that Romanchyk’s aunt and uncle had made as a wedding gift. They chose Sept. 2 because it is also the anniversary of Romanchyk’s parents and grandparents. In keeping with the venue, they chose a country vibe, decorating the outdoor tables with blue gingham cloths and daisies. Guests played croquet and bocce and dined on grilled steak and crab cakes with watermelon, with shortcake and cupcakes for dessert.

The honeymoon: The couple will go on a week-long cruise to Honduras, Mexico and Belize in the beginning of December.