Sharon Robinson, 51, is the administrator for the American Board of Medical Genetics. Steve DelBusso, 53, is a vice president at Booz Allen. They live in Bethesda.

Wedding date: Feb. 20.

Location: Gramercy Mansion, Baltimore.

Guests: 100.

How they met: Sharon and Steve began to exchange messages on in July 2009. Sharon, a Hodgkin’s survivor, was organizing a singles biking happy hour to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and invited Steve to come. For their first one-on-one date a few days later, Steve greeted Sharon with a single red rose. With that, she says, “he stole my heart.” Three months later they moved in together.

The proposal: On Valentine’s Day 2010, their dinner date at a Bethesda restaurant included a red rose, reminiscent of their first date. The timing appealed to the romantic in Steve, who had been planning for weeks to propose that day. When they returned home, they sat down in their living room, and Steve dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. She immediately said yes and posted a note about her ring on Facebook: “It sparkles.”

The wedding: The ceremony incorporated rituals from Sharon’s Jewish and Steve’s Christian traditions. Their parents lit symbolic candles, and the youngest and eldest of Steve’s three daughters walked him down the aisle. Steve likes chocolate cake, but Sharon prefers carrot, so they compromised by serving six tiers of cupcakes in both flavors.

The honeymoon: The two plan to cruise the Greek islands in July.

— Janet Bennett Kelly