Amy Albert & Christopher “Kit” Rachlis

Amy Albert, 52, is a freelance writer and editor. Christopher “Kit” Rachlis, 59, is the new editor of the American Prospect. The couple live on Capitol Hill.

Wedding date: April 16

Location: Malibu, Calif.

Guests: 30

How they met: Amy, a Bon Appetit editor, met Kit, editor of Los Angeles magazine, at a cheese tasting in May 2008. Amy had been enjoying Kit’s monthly “Letter From the Editor” and was even more intrigued after meeting him, though she knew from what she’d read that he was in a relationship. In October 2009 she ran into newly single Kit while shopping at Whole Foods; they began an e-mail correspondence, which led to their first date. “As soon as she ordered a dozen oysters and quoted blues singer Robert Johnson, I knew we had a future,” Kit said.

The proposal: On the one-year anniversary of their first date, they went to Big Sur for the weekend. Over dinner, Kit gave Amy a mix CD of love songs. “I have something else for you,” he added, and pulled out a vintage Bakelite ring. She burst into tears and said yes.

The wedding: The ceremony, held on a mountainside overlooking the Pacific, was conducted by a couple, Katharine Kunst and Katherine Fulton, who are “like sisters” to Kit. The food was prepared by Amy’s best friend, who is a private chef in San Francisco, and Kit’s daughter read two poems.

The honeymoon: Immediately after the wedding they moved to Washington so Kit could begin his new job. For now, they’re exploring their new home town but will plan a trip to Europe for Christmas.

— Janet Bennett Kelly