Katie Mahjoubi and Kris Koshy at their wedding reception in Rockville. (HayMckenna Photography )
Kris Koshy & Katie Mahjoubi

Katie Mahjoubi, 28, works for her family’s carpet business in Kensington. Kris Koshy, 33, is a government contractor for NIH. The couple live in Gaithersburg.

Wedding date: March 12

Location: The Crowne Plaza, Rockville

Katie Mahjoubi and Kris Koshy at their wedding reception in Rockville. (HayMckenna Photography )

Guests: 230

How they met: Katie and Kris were introduced by friends in October 2007 but busy schedules didn’t permit a first date until a couple of months later. Katie loved Kris’s smile and broad shoulders; Kris was taken with Katie’s pretty face. Over dinner, they both mentioned that they wanted to visit the pyramids in Egypt one day.

The proposal: In February 2010 they headed to Cairo, acting on their dreams to see the pyramids. But canceled flights extended their Paris layover from two hours to two days. Kris had planned to propose while on a Nile River cruise; instead, he took advantage of their time in the City of Love and popped the question in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The wedding: The ceremony was conducted by the same minister who had married Katie’s parents in 1975. In accordance with Southern Indian tradition, Kris and his family gave Katie a sari, a symbol that he would keep her clothed and sheltered. As a nod to Katie’s Persian heritage, the couple fed each other honey — for a sweet life ahead. Photographs from generations of family weddings decorated the reception area, while the wedding cake got special placement on a table draped with a cloth cut from Katie’s mother’s wedding gown.

The honeymoon: Kris and Katie wanted to take a breather between planning a wedding and planning a honeymoon, so nothing has yet been scheduled.

— Janet Bennett Kelly