Skye Wallace & Mike Henry

Skye Wallace, 29, works for American Councils for International Education. Mike Henry, also 29, works for the Academy for Educational Development. They live in Washington.

Wedding date: May 28

Location: Josephine Butler Parks Center, Washington

Mike Henry and Skye Wallace at their wedding reception at Josephine Butler Parks Center. (Seth M Rubin)

Guests: 90

How they met: In June 2009, Wallace and Henry met at a mutual friend’s dinner party. Both are returned Peace Corps volunteers — she had been in Romania, he in Peru — and they bonded over common interests. Henry asked her out a few days later for dinner at Mama Ayesha. Wallace checked the weather beforehand and was prepared with an umbrella; Henry didn’t, and he came in soaked from head to toe. On their second date, at Artomatic, Wallace noticed that he was wearing the same Birkenstocks that she had; she “thought it was a sign.”

The proposal: They moved in together in February 2010. During an impromptu conversation about their relationship in April, both said they wanted to be together, get married, have a family and grow old together. Then Henry surprised Wallace by asking, “Do you want to make it official?”

The wedding: The invitation featured a bicycle, the couple’s favorite mode of transportation. Two family friends performed the ceremony while another pal played violin. Guests included former housemates and Peace Corps and grad school friends, many of whom helped to set up beforehand, including handling the flower arrangements — hydrangeas in old Mason jars were the centerpieces. “I felt like everyone we loved was there, and we had all gone through a journey together,” Wallace says.

The honeymoon: They’re planning a three-week trip to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia for Christmas and New Year’s in 2012.